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Grant has posted about the issues with Demo CC in the Base Game and how we fix it. Nobody freak out, it’s fairly easy. :) 

UPDATE: Default Replacements and items created with Cloner (probably - has anyone tested?) appear to be unaffected, it’s only recolors that pull meshes from maxis objects that need to be fixed.

That said, you all should expect that I won’t be re-releasing any of my CC with updated files until Wednesday, at the earliest. Thanks for your patience!

Reblogging ‘cos it’s important. I don’t have the full game yet, so I can’t test any of my released TS4 CC at the moment, but so far it looks like my default replacement eyes *should* work. These shirt recolors, however, may cause problems. I’m gonna upload the original download posts as well. Fixes will be available as soon as I get the game and can test that everything works. In the meantime, as always, be careful when it comes to installing custom content and if you were planning to use my shirt recolors in your full TS4 game, please refrain from doing it! Thanks for the attention and happy simming! ^___^

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Another neighborhood I’m working on. I’m trying to give it a steampunk-ish feel, but there’s still a lot of work to do D:

And yes, I’m still having fun with new CCs/camera mod/skies/STUFF

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"Whenever TS4 will be out I’ll be a good girl and only download/create a limited amount of downloads, so that my computer won’t blow up! *_*"*Downloads/creates a shit-ton of CC**Full game isn’t even out yet*

"Whenever TS4 will be out I’ll be a good girl and only download/create a limited amount of downloads, so that my computer won’t blow up! *_*"

*Downloads/creates a shit-ton of CC*

*Full game isn’t even out yet*

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Lips reply! :D



Yes, I know, lots of TS4 stuff, lately D: haven’t forgotten about TS3, it’s just that in these days I’ve been lacking time/inspiration to take decent pics! D:

Eh… anyway :D


Uhm, I think the lips are very nice… but why are the game textures small? They are the same size as most Sims2/Sims 3 textures? Or do you mean lipstick? I believe those are just colour overlays, aren’t they?

D’aaaw, thank you so much, so glad you like the lips! As for the game textures, the size is around 1024x2049, which doesn’t sound that bad… however, body textures + face textures (+ accessories, it seems?) are all included into that size, so that there isn’t much space for everything D: Here's an example of the lip texture in its actual size: much smaller, compared to face/lip texture sizes in TS2 and 3 D:
As for my replacements, they do not work as lipsticks or makup, but as a sort of (partial) skin replacement/overlay just for lips. I’m still exploring TS4 textures and cc possibilities, so my explanation is probably going to be a bit of a mess, but my general understanding is that TS4 skins don’t work the same as TS2/3 do. There are some base skin textures for faces and bodies, yes, but there are also hundreds of little face textures for each part of the face: lips, chins, cheeks, eyes, noses and so on. Each of them corresponds to a face part preset. It means that when you choose, say, a specific cheek preset in CAS, you’re also changing part of the skin/adding a face overlay to your sim’s face. Gah, hope it wasn’t too confusing! D: Here's a topic at MTS, in which Hysterical Paroxysm also explains how TS4 skins work (post #4 an on) ^_^ And also, here's Aikea-Guinea's post on TS4 textures ^_^ hope that could help! :D And again, thanks for the nice comment! Can I say that I'm a HUGE fan of your works? I *love* them! *______*

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Once more with feeling: I. SHOULD’VE. BEEN. STUDYING. But I haven’t.

Instead, I tried this tutorial from my dear pal Astraea Nevermore, because I NEED THESE EYES IN MY GAME, EVEN IF I (obviously) STILL DON’T HAVE THE GAME.


*Takes a deep breath*

Okay, so: the first thing I searched for…

Wheeeeeeeeee, I’m so glad it worked! *_____* And the eye defaults look great in TS4! (As Daphne does! <3 )

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WARNING: I’ve written this here as well, but I thought it would have been good to repeat it. These shirts are non-default replacements and were made with Color Magic/S4PE, which means that they will work fine with the TS4 CAS Demo, but they probably won’t show up correctly in your full game. I don’t have TS4 yet, so I can’t test fixes to see if they would work, but I will update the links as soon as I get it!

Moar TS4 uploads! :D soloriya ( <3 ) asked me to share the Motley Crue shirt I made… and I decided to add a couple more things to the upload as well :D they’re recolors I made specifically to fit my sims, but since they turned out rather nice, I thought why not sharing them? :D So, here’s what you’ll get:

Motley Crue: the aforementioned Motley shirt for adult males. Non-default, you will find it under the “long t-shirt” preview. Has a red and black swatch :)
Striped: a less saturated version of the striped green hoodie. I forgot to change the swatch for this, so it will have the same swatch as the original shirt D:
Sweet Cheetah: again, a pretty stupid/easy recolor. I absolutely needed a black shirt + pink scarf combination, so I basically slapped together two vanilla colors and made it :D you will find it under the shirt + scarf preview, with a black and magenta swatch (I haven’t figured yet how to make preview images instead of swatches .__.)

And that’s all :D You can…


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Finally found a way to prevent non-default items from crashing the demo! :D That shirt was my very first CC attempt, which I had to scrap because it was messing up my game… but now it works! *O*
Also, gave Aaron one of his original tattoo sleeves :D and I just realised from the picture that his nose is still way too straight

Anyway :D I may upload the shirt later if anyone wants it ^___^

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