Here we go! :D Kijiko’s Hototogisu/Balinese hair converted from TS3 to TS2. I was originally planning to release this with my last followers gift, but then completely forgot about it .___. Decided to work on it today as a quick project so to relax a bit (yes, I have a very weird concept of “relaxing”, I know). The hair works for males only, teen to elder (ignore what the preview says) and comes in 4 binned colours. The animations are *not* perfect: apparently Milkshape hates me and doesn’t want to let me do decent smooth bone assignments on long hair -____- it looks rather nice up until a certain point, but it gets distorted on more extreme poses/animations ;___; needless to say, my attempts to fix it were useless, so if anybody wants to fix it, feel free to do it! :D
Credit to Kijiko for the mesh and Pooklet for the textures/color actions. Hopefully, one day I’ll be able to release the female version as well D: meanwhile… hope you will like this! ^___^


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Tutorial: eye defaults for TS4

Just a quick little thing I put together this afternoon :D I got a few questions about eye replacements via private messages and I’ve also noticed a few people interested in making their own replacements, I figured it would have been nice to make an actual tutorial on how to make eyes :D

WARNING: as the game isn’t out yet, the process might be different once the full game comes out. The instructions you will see here/the defaults you will produce using this tutorial will work for the TS4 CAS Demo, but I cannot guarantee they will work the same in the actual game!

Stuff you will need:

An already made eye default replacement package. Why? Because it’s easier to just extract textures from there, instead of having to search them manually between hundreds of textures in S4PE :D You can download my eye replacement and use that as reference ^_^ (Note: when I made my replacement I used this awesome file as reference instead. However, I guess any eye default package will do, as long as you extract/edit the textures ^_^ as I said, it’s just for reference ^^)
S4PE: to extract/re-import the textures. See instructions on Simlogical for more infos. 
An image editing software, like Photoshop or GIMP. Personally, I use Photoshop. Paint.NET could also be a free software option: it also comes with .dds plugins already included, so you don’t have to install them separately :D though I find it a pain in the ass to use and avoid it like plague
NVIDIA .dds plugins for Photoshop: just like in TS3, you’ll need them to edit the textures.
Note: if you have a 64 bit version of Windows and use Photoshop, you will have to download the 32 bit installer of the plugin. The 64 bit one appears to be bugged and doesn’t install properly.

Now, to the tutorial itself:

1. Open the eye default replacement package you downloaded in S4PE. You will see various “UNKN” files: they’re the eye textures you will need. If you click on each of them, you will see a little preview on the right side of the page. Select the first texture, right-click and select “Export as .dds”. Save the file where you can easily find it. Also, you may want to give it a somewhat descriptive name, so that you can tell at first look which color is which :D

2. Do the same exact thing with the other texture files. Once finished, you should have 13 .dds files, one for each default eye colour available in game.

3. Photoshop time! :D Import your .dds file in Photoshop and edit it to your liking. Use the original iris as a reference for the size. Once you’re satisfied with your texture, export it as a DXT5/ARGB 8 bpp Interpolated Alpha  and make sure to keep “Generate MIP Maps” selected. You can either save the new texture over the old file or make a whole new folder for your edited eye textures. Personally, I prefer to make a new folder and keep the old textures as reference in case I fuck something up :D
Do the same process for all the other eye recolours.

4. Back to S4PE. Open the original eye default replacement package if you haven’t it already opened, and select the texture/colour you want to change. This might be a little bit of a pain in the ass, ‘cos the texture previews are tiiiiiiiiiiny and most colors will look all the same D: anyway: once you find the right color, right click on the texture and select “Import from .dds”. Select your edited eye texture with the corresponding colour and Click “Yes” when asked if you want to commit changes.

…Yes, happened to me too. Ignore it and keep substituting your old textures with the new ones. Once you’re done, save your package file with a new name. Your texture previews will now show up correctly! :D I don’t know what exactly causes S4PE to give you an error message whenever you substitute textures (I guess it has to do with it being still a beta?), but saving and/or closing and re-opening your package files (after you’ve saved them, obv. :D) should work to get rid of any error message.

6. Test!
Drop your saved .package file in your Mods folder, open your CAS Demo be ready to cover your eyes to protect yourself from the sight of bugged eyed monsters in case you’ve fucked up and… ta-da! :D

Hope it was clear enough. If you have any questions, feel free to ask ^___^

Happy simming!

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I did it! :D As I said in my previous post, these are Tealeaf’s Brick eyes, converted from TS2 to TS4 as a default replacement. Some of the colours are the same as the original TS2 set, while others were made by me. I also tried to edit the greens so that they would actually differ from one another :D I would have liked to make some fantasy eyes and/or more brown eyes, but I still have no idea how to make custom swatches without fucking everything up, so there’s only the default colours here.
Credit goes to Tealeaf, Pooklet and Ephemera for the textures 8)
Hope you will like them! ^____^


…Also, as usual, let me know if there’s something fucked up! D:

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Look who managed to make a TS4 mod! :D

These are Tealeaf’s Brick eyes: they are among my all time favourites for TS2, so I decided to bring ‘em to TS4 as a default replacement :D still a WIP, though, since I’m still not very satisfied with the recolors I made until now, buuuuuuuuuuut… they might become an actual download once finished :D

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Replies! :D

sevelii said: they are gorgeous!

soloriya said: awesome boys!! and pics :)

soloriya said: love them both! nice job!

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    I’ve been waiting for the day someone would make glam rock simmies for so long *w* they look so awesome <3

*__________________* Thank you so much, all of you! <3

zoragraves said: Eyes! How? :O

Err… Photoshop, lol :D I felt like they were way too unrecognizable without their heterochromatic eyes, so I decided to edit them in :D Though, now that you make me think of it, while looking at game texture in S4PE a few days ago I found something weird… namely, this:


Two eye textures! o___O
…Now, I don’t know WHAT that texture is supposed to be used for, ‘cos when I tried to attach it on a Sims4 body in Milkshape the second eye appeared as if it was painted on the teeth, buuuuuuuut… I can’t help but wonder if there is actually a way to make the game recognize *two* different eye textures :O unfortunately I’m not much of an expert when it comes to mod/look at game files in S3/S4PE, so I couldn’t experiment further, nor discover if it’s something that could actually work or if I was just getting my hopes high for nothing ;___;

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Moar spam! :D The third attempt apparently worked for Jorn, even though looking at him with short hair is still a pain D: also, we got Regan who needs LOTS of fixing, a surprisingly-easy-to-make Nigel aaaaand… Marta :D she’s a sort of “remake” of the first sim I ever made and played with in TS1 :D I remade and played with her in each sims game since then, so I had to have her in TS4 as well ^_____^

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